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252 Computer Science A Level Paper 2 (Notes)


Book Code : 252
Subject Code : 9608
Author : Fawad Khan
Language : English
Publishers : Read and Write Publications


252 Computer Science A Level Paper 2 (Notes), authored by Fawad Khan and published by Read & Write Publications, is an essential guide designed to assist students in their preparation for the A Level Computer Science Paper 2 exam. This comprehensive book provides concise and easy-to-understand notes on various topics, enabling students to grasp key concepts effectively.

Key Features:

1. Extensive Topic Coverage: The book covers a wide range of topics essential to A-Level Computer Science Paper 2, including data structures and algorithms, programming languages, object-oriented programming, and software engineering. Each topic is meticulously organized into separate chapters, allowing students to navigate the content with ease.

2. Concise and Accessible Notes: The notes provided in the book are succinct, making them a valuable resource for quick revision and reference. With their clear explanations and simplified language, students can quickly grasp the core concepts and theories, facilitating a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

3. Supplemental Study Material: This book serves as a valuable supplement to other study materials. The concise notes offer a convenient way to reinforce understanding, review important points, and consolidate knowledge. Students can use these notes as a handy reference during their exam preparation.

4. Exam-Focused Preparation: 252 Computer Science A Level Paper 2 (Notes) aims to equip students with the essential knowledge and insights needed to excel in the A Level Computer Science Paper 2 exam. The focused and comprehensive content assists students in revising key topics efficiently, helping them feel confident and well-prepared for the examination.

5. Accessible Availability: To obtain a copy of 252 Computer Science A Level Paper 2 (Notes) by Fawad Khan, you can visit Read & Write Publications’ website or explore other reputable online retailers. This ensures convenient access to valuable resources, supporting students in their pursuit of academic success.

Prepare for the A Level Computer Science Paper 2 exam with confidence using 252 Computer Science A Level Paper 2 (Notes). Whether used as a primary study aid or a supplementary resource, this book offers concise and accessible notes, allowing students to reinforce their understanding and excel in their examinations.


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